Zimbabwe rights lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa's bail appeal postponed, she stays in jail for weekend

A Zimbabwe court has postponed a bail appeal to release the nation's top rights lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa.

Mtetwa was arrested Sunday on allegations of obstructing justice and will spend eight nights in jail before she reappears in court on Monday.

High court judge Joseph Musakwa said Friday that state prosecutors need more time to go through Mtetwa's papers of appeal before proceeding with the hearing.

Mtetwa denies any wrongdoing and says she merely asked police officers to show her a search warrant during a raid on Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai's staff offices in Harare.

Obstructing justice carries a maximum sentence of two years' imprisonment.

Mtetwa holds an array of international awards and has represented Tsvangirai and several of his aides when they were prosecuted by the Mugabe government.