Cyprus court convicts Hezbollah member of planning attacks on Israelis

A Cyprus court has found a member of the Islamic militant group Hezbollah guilty of helping to plan attacks on Israelis on the east Mediterranean Island.

The three-judge bench on Thursday found 24-year-old Swedish-Lebanese citizen Hossam Taleb Yaacoub guilty on five charges including conspiracy and participation in a criminal organization.

The court rejected Yaacoub's defense that he didn't know what the information that he was ordered to collect for Hezbollah by his handler in Lebanon — including the arrival times of Israeli flights and hotels where Israelis are known to stay in — would be used for.

Yaacoub's lawyer Antonis Georgiades says he's considering appealing after the court passes sentence at a later date. Georgiades said the charges carry a maximum 10 years in prison and a 50,000-euro fine.