String of bomb attacks in Mogadishu empties beach restaurants, holds back progress

A series of suicide blasts in Somalia's capital has Mogadishu residents worried that the city's new peace will be colored by regular bloody bombings.

Mogadishu has seen a relative period of peace the last 18 months, after African Union troops forced al-Shabab militants out of the city in August 2011.

But a series of suicide blasts has residents worried. On Monday a car bomb killed at least seven people. Earlier in March a suicide bomber detonated explosives inside a seaside restaurant. Mid-February saw a similar attack.

Mogadishu has seen a revival in the arts, sports and business over the last year.

Mohamed Sheikh Abdi, a political analyst, says the attacks are a setback for the security gains, but he calls the blasts a "hiccup" in the city's march toward peace.