Mexican Would-Be Politician Caught in Escort Scandal

A Mexican would-be politician has been accused of giving the term “public service” a whole new meaning.

Running on a campaign to help migrant families, Giselle Arellano Avila was the front runner for a congressional seat in the state of Zacatecas before allegations arose that she was a high-class escort in Las Vegas, according to the Mexican news site RedPolitica.  

Photos of the sultry, scantily-clad National Action Party (PAN) politician came to light on a website for a Las Vegas party planner called Sinners and Saints events, which bills itself as “a constantly-rotating roster of exciting entertainment, including strip acts, fire shows, break dance crews, go go dancers and much, much more. “

While the so-called “Deputy of Love” did not deny she worked for the company or modeled in skimpy underwear, Arellano Avila said that she was not a prostitute but a “model and businesswoman.”

In fact, she noted, she takes pride in her work.

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“First let me say that yes, indeed I who appears in the video and I'm not ashamed of it, because it was a promotional video where I worked as a model,” She wrote on her campaigns website. “Second, I want to make it clear that I have not nor have I ever worked in a brothel, nor have I been an ‘escort.’”

Arellano Avila argued that the attacks lobbed against her are from anti-migrant activists who do not want the families of undocumented immigrants to have healthcare and other services. She added that the history of machismo in Mexico has worked against her.

“Those who have orchestrated this campaign will not succeed, because those angel wings that you see in the video are just those that have allowed many women to weather storms and machos who continue to view women as an object,” she said referring to a video circulating on the Internet in which she is dressed in a white bra and panties with angel wings on her back.

Arellano Avila, however, doesn’t look like she’ll be able to fly above this storm, as the Zacatecas Electoral Commission confirmed that she lost her bid for the congressional seat.

Talk about a bust.

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