30 'Yellow Shirt' protesters indicted for occupying Bangkok's airports in 2008

Thirty members of a protest movement have been indicted for seizing Bangkok's two airports in 2008 during political chaos that left Thailand bitterly divided.

Prosecutors said the members of the People's Alliance for Democracy, also known as Yellow Shirts, and their TV station were charged Thursday with terrorism, violation of an emergency decree and other offenses. Terrorism is a capital offense.

All of the suspects are free on bail.

The protesters occupied the airports for about 10 days to demand the resignation of the government, which was allied with ousted Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra. Also in 2008, they occupied the prime minister's office compound and blocked access to Parliament.

Officials have been criticized for delays in prosecuting the Yellow Shirt protesters, compared to rapid indictments of "Red Shirt" demonstrators who supported Thaksin.