Gunmen kill online reporter in Mexican town near border with Texas

Authorities say gunmen shot dead an online journalist while he ate dinner at a taco stand in the border town of Ojinaga.

Chihuahua state prosecutors spokesman Carlos Gonzalez said Monday assailants killed Jaime Gonzalez Dominguez Sunday afternoon in the town across the border from Presidio, Texas.

Gonzalez Dominguez published a news website called Ojinaga Noticias. A story published on the site Monday says the 38-year-old journalist was shot at least 18 times with an assault rifle.

It also says the gunmen stole Gonzalez Dominguez's photo camera while a woman who was with him was not wounded.

The site says the story about the attack will probably be the last one it publishes.

It adds "this attack against journalism is a real shame."