Opposition leader says Venezuela government lying about Chavez's health

Opposition leader Henrique Capriles says Venezuela's government is lying about President Hugo Chavez's condition and that the truth will be known within days.

Capriles tweeted the accusation as Vice President Nicolas Maduro assured Venezuelans on national TV that their cancer-stricken president continues a difficult and slow recovery from Dec. 11 surgery.

Chavez has not been seen nor heard from since, other than in some proof-of-life photos.

The government says he returned from Cuba Feb. 18 and is at Caracas' military hospital. On Thursday, Maduro said Chavez was battling for his life.

Chavez defeated Capriles in Oct. 7 elections. The opposition says he should either be sworn in or declare himself incapable and call new elections.

Maduro accused opponents of spreading rumors about Chavez' health to destabilize the nation.