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Stirring Taiwan fears, local media kingpin pushes hard on China political ties


In this Sept. 16, 2011 photo, media mogul Tsai Eng-meng smiles during a public event in Taipei, Taiwan. Appearing last year before Taiwanese regulators, billionaire media magnate Tsai appeared perplexed over a decision to fine his flagship newspaper for carrying camouflaged advertising on behalf of China's Communist government. Tsai, whose pro-China views have made him a lightning rod for criticism on this island of 23 million people, is on the verge of expanding his already substantial Taiwanese media empire through the acquisition of a 32 percent share in Next Media, currently owned by Jimmy Lai, an outspoken anti-communist reviled by Beijing. (AP Photo/Jameson Wu) (The Associated Press)

A Taiwanese media mogul whose pro-China statements have outraged many on this island of 23 million people is on the verge of seeing his empire and influence grow even larger.

Next month Taiwanese regulators will rule on Tsai Eng-meng's bid to take a 32 percent share — through his son — in the Next Media Group, owned by Hong Kong's Jimmy Lai, an outspoken anti-communist reviled in Beijing.

Critics say this new level of media clout could stifle Taiwan's press competition and undermine its young democracy. They point to Tsai's apparent willingness to use his media holdings' consistently laudatory coverage of China to advance his substantial mainland business interests.