If two brothers blew up their house first and then won the lottery, it would be an inspirational story dubbed the "new house lottery miracle." But in a real life case, the order of events was unfortunately reversed. 

Two brothers in Kansas won a $75,000 lottery ticket. To celebrate, they bought marijuana and meth. But as is often the case with people who smoke marijuana, they apparently did not have a lighter. The solution? A butane torch, the Wichita Eagle reported

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As the brother emptied a large can of butane lighter fluid, the butane leaked into the air, causing a massive explosion. On of the brothers was seriously injured and remains hospitalized, the Wichita Eagle said.

"The butane vapors reached a pile of light in the furnace," a local police officer announced in a press conference. There were also children in the home at the time of the explosion, KTV reports.