German politician caught on video apparently high-fiving Iranian ambassador

The female leader of Germany’s Green Party – a critic of Iran – has caused an uproar after a video surfaced of her apparently giving an Iranian ambassador a high-five at a security conference.

Claudia Roth, who has spoken out over Iran’s treatment of women, made the gesture with Ali Reza Sheik Attar at an event in Munich in early February, the Telegraph reports.

According to religious customs, the Iranian ambassador should not shake hands with women.

A spokesman for the Iranian Embassy told the Suddeutsche Zeitung newspaper that Attar was attempting a wave when Roth misinterpreted it and made a "quick touch of the ambassador's hand," the Telegraph reports.

Roth’s spokeswoman said she has known the ambassador for years, but said she remains devoted to the Iranian opposition movement.

German newspapers called Roth a “loser of the day" and said she should be put in the “hall of shame.”

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