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Activist group says bombing this week of military factory in central Syria killed 54

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    In this Wednesday, Feb. 6, 2013 photo, Syrian people carry their belongings after they crossed the river which separates between Free Syrian Army fighters and government forces in the Bustan Al-Pasha neighborhood, north of Aleppo, Syria.(AP Photo/Abdullah al-Yassin) (The Associated Press)

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    In this Thursday, Feb. 6, 2013 photo, a Syrian woman sits on the ruins of her house, which was destroyed in an airstrike by government warplanes a few days earlier, killing 11 members of her family, in the neighborhood of Ansari, Aleppo, Syria. (AP Photo/Abdullah al-Yassin) (The Associated Press)

An activist group says a bombing of a military factory in central Syria this week has killed 54 people.

Rami Abdul-Rahman of the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said Friday that the bombing took place in a government-controlled area Wednesday and that reports on it were slow to emerge.

He says a mini-van packed with explosives blew up near the factory in the village of al-Buraq while employees were waiting for busses after work. Abdul-Rahman says those killed included 11 women and that all were civilians. He says the factory makes military supplies, but not weapons.

Syria's state news agency reported the blast on Wednesday evening, saying "terrorists" detonated a car bomb near a factory. It said there was an unspecified number of casualties.