Video taken before their kidnap shows German retirees in Colombia

A Colombian newsmagazine has obtained video of two German retirees relaxed and jovial before they were abducted by the country's No. 2 rebel group.

ELN rebels announced this week that they had held the men, ages 69 and 72, for several weeks and would consider them spies until otherwise proven.

The video shows brothers Uwe and Guenther Otto Breuer sitting by the side of a road in central Colombia having lunch outside the Toyota in which they say they've been traveling the world since leaving Bavaria in 2011, including stints in Iran and Iraq.

An editor at Semana magazine says it obtained the video from someone who had happened upon the brothers. The chief of Colombia's anti-kidnapping police, Gen. Humberto Guatibonza, confirmed the Germans' identity to The Associated Press.