Haiti court postpones 'Baby Doc' Duvalier appeals hearing after former dictator is no-show

A Haitian judge has postponed a hearing for Jean-Claude Duvalier because the former dictator has failed to show up in court.

Judge Jean Joseph Lebrun accepted a request by Duvalier's lawyers to reschedule the hearing because it fell on the 27th anniversary of Duvalier's ouster. Defense attorney Reynold Georges says that given the anniversary, there could be trouble in the streets if the judge decided to drop the prosecution of Duvalier.

The hearing involves an appeal filed by people who say they were abused by Duvalier's government. They want charges of human rights abuses reinstated against the former dictator.

A judge recommended last year that Duvalier face only charges of financial crimes and not any of the human rights complaints filed after his return to Haiti in 2011.