Portuguese windsurfer banned for allegedly concealing pregnancy

Portugal's Olympic committee has banned a female windsurfer for life for allegedly hiding her pregnancy so she could attend the London Games to see her husband, Reuters reported.

Carolina Borges traveled with the Portuguese team to the UK during the July games and then announced she was quitting before her RS-X event had even started, according to the news agency.

"The Portuguese Institute of Sports and Youth accepted our recommendation and has forbidden the athlete from ever representing Portugal again,'' Olympic committee head Vicente Moura reportedly said Tuesday. 

Borges, who is originally from Brazil, had represented Brazil at the Athens Olympics in 2004 before joining the Portugal team. She is married to U.S. sailor Mark Mendelblatt. 

It is required for an athlete to inform the national Olympic committee of a pregnancy. However, it remains unclear when Borges discovered she was pregnant.

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