More than 50 people killed on China's roads in 4 accidents during China's peak travel season

More than 50 people have been killed on China's roads in four major accidents since Friday, as hundreds of millions of Chinese journey home for the upcoming Lunar New Year.

Overloaded vehicles, bad driving habits and unsafe road conditions all have made China's roads particularly prone to accidents.

In the southwestern province of Sichuan, a bus overturned Friday, killing 11 people, according to the Gulin county government.

In the neighboring province of Guizhou, 13 people died after an overloaded bus tumbled down a 100-meter (330-foot) slope, the official Xinhua News Agency reported Saturday. It said the fatal crash in Congjiang county left another 21 people injured, including 11 in serious condition.

The 34 people were crammed into the bus licensed to carry no more than 19, Xinhua said.

On Friday night in the northwestern province of Gansu, a coach bus went off the road at a curve, rolled down a slope and caught fire, killing 18 people and injuring 32 others, according to the provincial government and state media.

In the central province of Henan, at least 10 people were killed after a truck loaded with fireworks for Lunar New Year celebrations exploded Friday morning, collapsing an elevated section of highway and sending vehicles plummeting to the ground.

The Lunar New Year falls on Feb. 10 this year.