Mexican church video sparks debate on forgiving drug gang killers

An order of Roman Catholic priests in Mexico has produced a video urging relatives of drug cartel victims to forgive the killers, sparking debate in a country that has suffered more than 70,000 estimated drug gang killings.

The 10-minute video entitled "Brother Narco" was presented this week. It tells the story of Miri, a 13-year-old girl who cowers in her bedroom as a gunman kills her parents.

The video ends with the girl hugging the killer.

Father Omar Sotelo wrote the script and he said Monday that such acts of forgiveness may be improbable, but represent a way to "re-humanize" vicious killers.

Anti-crime crusader Isabel Miranda de Wallace helped solve her son's kidnap-killing, but never found his body. She said victim's relatives need justice and answers before they can forgive.