Budweiser vs. Budvar: latest EU round goes to AB InBev

A European Union high court has ruled that only brewing giant AB InBev has the right to use the trademark "Bud" in Europe after rejecting a challenge from Czech company Budejovicky Budvar.

In a relentless fight between the two companies going back a century over the use of Budweiser, one of beer's biggest brand names, it was AB InBev — which owns the Anheuser-Busch beer — which claimed victory on Tuesday, saying it now has the "right to a Bud trademark registration valid throughout the entire European Union."

After the EU's General Court dismissed Budvar's case, the Czech company said it would consider an appeal at the EU's highest court. Budvar, founded in 1895, argues that only beer brewed in its part of the Czech Republic can be called Budweiser.