Argentine price puzzle: Officials say 6 pesos a day keeps you fed, but a ham sandwich costs 13

Six pesos a day. That's all it takes to eat in Argentina, according to the government.

But on the streets of the capital, 6 pesos doesn't stretch beyond a pack of chewing gum, or a cup of yoghurt or a single "alfajor" — the country's traditional caramel-and-chocolate cookies. They're tasty, but hardly provide what the government calls the "minimum calories and proteins needed to sustain a moderately active adult."

As the International Monetary Fund moved closer Thursday to sanctioning Argentina for inaccurate inflation data, The Associated Press checked prices in Buenos Aires, and couldn't find a can of soda for less than 8 pesos. Even a ham and cheese sandwich cost 13 pesos at a downtown kiosk. That's without lettuce or tomato.