1 confirmed dead in first Honduran drug raid since US resumed radar sharing

A Jamaican man suspected of drug trafficking has died in the first Honduran anti-narcotics raid using U.S. intelligence following a five-month suspension of radar sharing.

The Honduran Navy says the man was on a cocaine-laden boat the navy rammed and seized. They say it was carrying 772 pounds (350 kilograms) of the drug.

Rear Admiral Rigoberto Espinal says one of three Jamaican crew members died, one jumped into the sea and disappeared and a third was detained.

The raid was carried out before dawn on Wednesday about 2.5 miles (4 kms) off Honduras' northern coast.

The United States resumed intelligence sharing in late November. It stopped sharing radar data in August because the country's air force shot down two suspected drug planes in violation of agreements with Washington.