Romanian authorities want to arrest 2 Bulgarians suspected of trafficking Colombian cocaine

Romanian prosecutors want to arrest two Bulgarians suspected of running one of Europe's largest cocaine trafficking rings from Colombia to Europe.

The prosecutor's office said Wednesday that Banev Evelin Nikolov and Radoslav Georgiev Atanasov, currently detained in Italy on other drugs' trafficking charges, were allegedly involved in smuggling a shipment of 50 kilograms ( 110 pounds) of cocaine worth €6 million ($8 million) captured in Romania in April.

Colombians, Romanians, Bulgarians and Italians were part of the ring that trafficked hundreds of kilograms (pounds) of cocaine on yachts, cargo ships and speedboats from South America to western Europe, some of it through Romania. U.S., Greek, Bulgarian and Italian authorities investigated the drug smuggling ring.

The group is linked to the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia and drug cartels.