New York youth soccer team bans high-fives amid flu fears

There's a new victim of the flu in New York -- team camaraderie.

That's right, a kids soccer club in Manhattan has put the kibosh on high-fives, hand shaking, fist bumps or any other congratulatory touching of hands to avoid spreading the flu, the New York Post reported.

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New York declared a flu emergency over the weekend amid a spike in flu hospitalizations.

Nearly 20,000 flu cases had been reported in the state through Monday, WCBS reported.

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And while banning high-fives may seem a bit extreme, Manhattan Soccer Club parents were all for it.

"It shows that (the club) is on top of what is going on with the flu outbreak, and they have come up with a great solution that shows good sportsmanship while also reducing the chance of transferring the flu," parent Andy Stenzler told the Post.

In an email to parents, the club suggested “the safest thing to do is to touch elbows," NBC Sports reported.