Report: Europe surges as luxury destination for Chinese millionaires; France at No. 1

A report says Europe is surging as a popular luxury destination for Chinese millionaires.

The Hurun Chinese Luxury Consumer Survey 2013 says France is number one and half of the top 10 destinations are European countries. They include Switzerland, Britain, Italy and Germany.

The U.S. and Singapore are 2 and 3.

The survey released Tuesday says Chinese millionaires who send their children abroad still prefer the U.S., followed by Britain and Canada.

It also found the richer they are, the less happy they are, with both male and female millionaires generally dissatisfied with their health and wanting to spend more time with their children.

Swimming is their favorite hobby and the Internet their medium of choice for news.

The report surveyed 551 mainland Chinese millionaires between June and December 2012.