Ethiopian court sentences 10 men for up to 20 years in jail for plotting terror attacks

An Ethiopian court has sentenced 10 men to jail terms from between three to 20 years for plotting terror attacks with Islamist extremist rebels from neighboring Somalia.

Among those sentenced is a Kenyan national, Hassan Jarso who pleaded guilty when charged in May.

Federal court Judge Bahiru Darecha Tuesday sentenced Jarso to 17 years in prison. Eleven men were originally charged with the terror-related crimes but one was acquitted. Six of the men were sentenced in absentia.

The sentences come amid signs of increasing militancy in the East African nation. Ethiopian troops moved into Somalia in 2011 to fight the Islamist extremist rebels, al-Shabab.

Ethiopia's intelligence agency said early January that 15 people were arrested as alleged members of a terror cell linked to al-Shabab.