Egyptian court suspends Islamic TV show for 30 days for libeling actress

An Egyptian court has ordered that a program hosted by a fiery preacher be suspended for libeling and defaming a well-known actress.

The court on Saturday decided to suspend the program "In The Scale" for 30 days.

A widely circulated video clip shows its host, Abdullah Badr, accusing well-known actress Elham Chahine of practicing "prostitution" and "teaching Egyptians how to strip naked, make love and commit adultery."

"Go ask God for forgiveness for your scandals," he says in the August interview.

Her lawyer said in court that Badr had exposed Chahine to "insults, cursing and humiliation."

Last month, Badr was sentenced to a year in jail over the same charges. The program is aired on el-Hafiz TV, one of several networks associated with the ultraconservative Salafi Islamist movement.