Court upholds 15-year sentence for German doctor whisked to France over death of stepdaughter

A French appeals court has upheld the conviction of a 77-year-old German doctor over the death of his teenage stepdaughter.

The court in Creteil southeast of Paris approved a lower court's decision last year sentencing Dieter Krombach to 15 years in prison for "intentional violence that led to unintentional death."

His 15-year-old stepdaughter Kalinka died in 1982. Her father, Andre Bamberski, believed the doctor gave her a dangerous injection so he could rape her.

Bamberski spent years trying to get Krombach extradited from Germany and brought to justice. In a dramatic twist to the case in 2009, on Bamberski's orders, Krombach was kidnapped and left tied up near a French courthouse.

Krombach's defense lawyer has argued that the doctor was innocent and the case should go to a Europe-wide court.