AP Interview: Egypt atheist convicted of blasphemy blasts new Brotherhood regime: same as old

An Egyptian atheist released from prison on bail this week says the new Islamist government is no better than the one it replaced.

Alber Saber, 27, was sentenced by a Cairo court to three years in prison for blasphemy and contempt of religion. He was released on bail pending an appeal in January.

His charges underline the divide between Islamists and liberals, which has widened in recent weeks.

He told The Associated Press on Wednesday that the Islamists, the most powerful political force in the aftermath of Egypt's 2011 revolution, use different tools than deposed President Hosni Mubarak's regime, but the new government is just as oppressive as its authoritarian predecessor.

Saber said he lives in a "religious state" where he is treated as a criminal for his opinions.