Jesus look-a-like Nathan Grindal kicked out of darts tournament (VIDEO)

Talk about a heavy cross to bear.

Nathan Grindal's striking resemblance to Jesus got him booted from a recent darts tournament in England, ABC News reported.

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Grindal, 33, who has flowing reddish hair and a full beard, was sitting in the stands of the tournament in Somerset when nearby spectators began chanting "Jesus!, Jesus!" during the final match.

Soon, most of the 4,500 fans in attendance got in on the act, and security led Grindal to a nearby bar, deciding the chanting was too much of a distraction to ex-world champ Phil Taylor and his Belgian rival, Kim Huybrechts, The Mirror reported.

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Fans found the incident hilarious, but Grindal wasn't laughing.

"It was distressing," he told The Mirror. "I was emotionally distraught. The crowd were bullying me and picking on me. It would have been OK if security hadn’t made a fuss getting me out."

Huybrechts, the runner-up, tried to make up for the hassle.

He later signed Grindal's program with the words: "To Jesus. Hard luck mate," according to The Daily Mail.