In Honduras, political crisis takes a holiday, confrontation on hold till Jan. 3

In Honduras, the political crisis is taking a holiday.

A standoff between the president and congress and the Supreme Court that brought the country to the brink last week will have to wait until Jan. 3 as offices closed the season.

The Supreme Court and attorney general's offices were closed Monday, and President Porfirio Lobo was silent after calling on Friday for a national dialogue to find a way out of the crisis.

In little more than a week, Lobo had accused businessmen and the Supreme Court of plotting against him. Then congress, with soldiers surrounding the building, voted last week to oust four justices who voted against Lobo's police reform. Many called the vote illegal. The attorney general's office promised to investigate.

But for now, the country that endured a coup in 2009 plans to spend the holidays in heavenly peace.