Witnesses: 10 Sudan students arrested after clashes involving troubled Darfur region

Witnesses say Sudanese police have arrested at least 10 university students following days of unrest in the capital.

The witnesses told The Associated Press that the students were arrested early Wednesday morning at Omdurman Islamic University in Khartoum. The arrests came after clashes the day before between students from war-wracked Darfur and pro-Islamist students. A fire broke out in a dormitory building.

The arrests came after four days of protests in the capital over the deaths of four students from a university in central Sudan this month. The students, from Darfur, were protesting tuition fee hikes. Authorities said they drowned.

Local rights group accused the government of foul play.

Khartoum has been hit by repeated protests over a government austerity plan that has led to significant price increases.