Judges: International court has jurisdiction over Ivory Coast's ex-president Gbagbo

International Criminal Court judges have rejected an appeal by former Ivory Coast President Laurent Gbagbo claiming the court lacks jurisdiction to try him on charges of crimes against humanity.

The charges against Gbagbo stem in part from murder and rape allegedly committed by his supporters in 2010 as he tried to cling to power following disputed elections. Gbagbo insists he is innocent.

Reading an appeals panel's ruling, Judge Anita Usacka said it was clear Ivory Coast accepted the court's jurisdiction back in 2003, when Gbagbo himself ruled the country.

Gbagbo was arrested and transferred to the Hague, Netherlands-based court in November 2011. Due to his health problems, a key hearing on whether there is enough evidence to proceed to trial in his case has been postponed until next year.