Honduran pres says he will fight alleged plot against him by appealing to voters

President Porfirio Lobo says he will seek a referendum for police reform if the Supreme Court doesn't back his plan.

The Supreme Court will rule next week on the constitutional court's earlier rejection of Lobo's proposed cleanup of Honduras' notoriously corrupt national police.

Lobo says he won't let the plan's opponents "take democracy from the people."

He stepped up his rhetoric Saturday against judges and businessmen he says are being led by publishing magnate Jorge Canahuati in a conspiracy against him, similar to the 2009 coup that removed his predecessor, Manuel Zelaya.

Lobo says Canahuati, who publishes Honduras' two largest newspapers, is colluding with the judges.

Canahuati calls Lobo's statements "reckless" and denies involvement in any conspiracy.

Zelaya was deposed after ignoring a Supreme Court order to cancel a referendum.