Russia's Medvedev defends erosion of his own legacy now that Putin is back in the Kremlin

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has defended the enactment of new laws that rolled back his own liberal agenda when he was Russia's president.

Since Vladimir Putin returned for a third presidential term in May, parliament has passed draconian laws cracking down on dissent and chipping away at Medvedev's legacy.

In an interview on Russian TV Friday, Medvedev denied the laws are repressive and said the issue is simply one of expectations. "These expectations very often have nothing whatsoever to do with what's really happening in the country," he added.

Though few thought Medvedev was really in charge as president, he raised hopes by declaring a program of political and economic liberalization.

He fulfilled few of his pledges, then meekly stepped aside for Putin to run again this year.