China blasts US for saying it's tightening strict controls on Tibetans after immolations

China has blasted a statement by a U.S. undersecretary of state accusing Beijing of responding to self-immolations by Tibetans with tightened controls on their freedom of religion, expression and assembly.

Special Coordinator for Tibetan Issues Maria Otero said Wednesday that the U.S. government has urged China to address policies in Tibetan areas, including controls on Tibetan Buddhist religious practice, arbitrary detentions and media restrictions.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said Friday that it had expressed its strong dissatisfaction to the U.S. and said it should stop using Tibet to meddle in China's internal affairs.

Hong said that in the past 30 years Tibetan areas had seen "leap frog development ... and a great improvement in human rights." He says Tibetans' political rights, language, religious freedom are fully protected.