Congolese youth rally against impotent army, passive UN force in Goma

Dozens of Congolese demonstrated in the provincial capital of Goma against what they described as the impotence of the country's armed forces, which allowed a rebel group to overrun the city a little over two weeks ago. They also decried the passivity of the United Nations peacekeeping force, which did almost nothing to stop the fighters.

Luc Nkulula, one of the demonstrators, said: "We denounce the failure of the ministers of interior, defense and the army chief of staff. We ask for their resignation. A team that does not work must be changed."

The fall of the city of Goma, population 1 million, was a humiliating defeat for Congo's inept army. Spooked soldiers simply abandoned their positions and ran. U.N. peacekeepers said it wasn't within their mandate to fight rebels.