UN experts accuse Rwandan military of commanding and joining Congo rebels in capture of Goma

U.N. experts are accusing the Rwandan military of commanding and joining rebel forces in eastern Congo in their recent capture of the strategic city of Goma.

The expert panel released a letter, photos, and a day-by-day outline of Rwandan support for the M23 rebels who held the city of 1 million for two weeks before Congolese soldiers took back control Monday. The letter was a follow-up to a report last month that made similar accusations against Rwandan forces in the run-up to the seizure of Goma.

In the letter to a Security Council committee, the experts said the recent capture of Goma "strongly upholds" their earlier conclusion that the Rwandan government and allies in the Ugandan government are equipping and commanding the rebels.

The Associated Press obtained the letter Tuesday.