Burkina Faso holds parliamentary elections a year after army mutinies, unrest led to shakeup

Voters in Burkina Faso gather for parliamentary and municipal elections that come after clashes and mutinies shook the president's regime and saw him dissolving the government and removing the country's security chiefs last year.

Opposition leaders hope to end the supremacy of the Congress for Democracy and Progress (CDP) that had been ruling Burkina Faso for 20 years. The word "change" dominated two weeks of heavy campaigning.

More than 6,000 candidates are competing for 127 seats in parliament. Some 4 million voters have registered for the elections held at more than 14,600 polling stations across Burkina Faso.

The vote Sunday was mostly calm, but in the southwest city of Banfora, some polling stations were destroyed by angry voters after a court invalidated the ruling party candidates.