Brazilian Groom Dies at Reception After Beer Glass Slashes Femoral Artery

When a Brazilian man said the words “til death do us part” on his wedding day, he probably didn’t expect it to happen so soon. Only hours after Fabio Jefferson Maciel tied the knot, he was dead.

The 33-year-old Maciel was celebrating his new marriage Sunday to sweetheart Geise Guimaraes when he tripped and shattered a beer glass that he had in his pocket. The shards from the glass tore into his femoral vein and caused the groom to bleed to death.

The freak tragedy took place during the wedding’s reception at a luxurious beachside resort after the two eloped during a church ceremony in Rio de Janeiro.

Witnesses who attended the wedding said that Maciel, a Brazilian Navy sergeant, was joking around with a bridesmaid when the accident occurred. It is still unclear why he had a beer glass in his pants pocket that caused the cut on the femoral vein.

Maciel died en route to the hospital in the Ilha do Governador district of Rio.

A family friend close to Maciel’s widow said that Guimaraes was in shock from the whole affair. The two had been planning their wedding since the beginning of the year and Maciel had started building a home for the couple.

“She just cries and says ‘I want my husband back.’ Nobody can believe what happened, and even less the way it happened,” said Fabiana Sena.

Maciel’s body is being flown back to his home city of Manaus, where his family plans to hold a funeral on Wednesday.

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