UN launches aerial bombardment on rebels in eastern Congo, says local official

A local official says the U.N.'s mission in Congo has launched an aerial attack on the M23 rebel group after fighting resumed following a months long lull in violence.

Governor Julien Paluku says the Congolese army retreated from Kibumba after thousands of Rwandans, who he says were backing the rebels, attacked early Saturday. He says the U.N.'s mission, known as MONUSCO, then used helicopters to launch an attack on M23 in Kibumba.

Two army officers and 151 rebels were killed Thursday in a battle that the U.N. called the worst clash between the M23 group and the military since July.

The M23 was created after officers from the Congolese army defected in April and May and launched a rebellion to demand better pay, armaments and amnesty from war crimes.