Election produces closely divided Parliament as Turks and Caicos to resume own administration

The Progressive National Party won a narrow victory in parliamentary elections and will lead the new government that will resume local administration in the Turks and Caicos Islands after three years of direct rules by Britain, electoral officials announced Saturday.

The party, whose leader Rufus Ewing will be the new premier, won eight of the 15 Parliament seats filled by Friday's election in the Caribbean territory. The People's Democratic Movement won the other seven.

Oswald Skippings, leader of the People's Democratic Movement, failed to win a seat and won't become leader of the opposition. He has asked for a recount.

The election comes three years after the territory's jet-setting premier, Michael Misick, stepped down amid allegations of corruption and lavish spending. Britain took control of the islands' government in August 2009.

Following a corruption inquiry, British investigators recovered about $12 million in assets and 900 acres of land. Britain will retain much control of the islands' finances after the new government is seated.