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Vatican expert had little motive to help Pope's ex-butler steal, lawyer says

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Nov. 1, 2012: Pope Benedict XVI waves to faithful during the Angelus noon prayer he delivered from the window of his studio overlooking St. Peter's square at the Vatican, on the occasion of All Saints day. (AP)

The lawyer for a Vatican computer whiz insists his client had little motive to risk his 20 years on the job to help the pope's former butler steal confidential documents.

Claudio Sciarpelletti is accused of aiding Paolo Gabriele in the theft of papal correspondence and other documents from Pope Benedict XVI's apartment. His attorney Gianluca Benedetti, says the two weren't great friends and that Sciarpelletti would be unlikely to help a person he had no special relationship with.

Gabriele, who is serving the 18-month-sentence, had been scheduled to testify about their relationship Monday, but neither he nor other witnesses, including a Swiss Guard commander, took the stand. The hearing was adjourned to Saturday to give the defense more time to prepare.