French President Francois Hollande promises to ban homework

Is this a cunning plan by the newly elected French president to boost his flagging popularity and win the hearts of future voters?

Francois Hollande said this week he wanted to abolish homework as part of wide-ranging reforms to the country’s education system, France 24 reported.

School work should “be done at school, rather than at home" to ensure that kids who don’t have support at home are not left behind, Hollande was quoted by the Agence France-Presse as saying.

While students will love the idea of no more homework, they might not be so enthusiastic about Hollande's other plan to extend the four-day school week to four-and-a-half days.

He also wants to increase the number of teachers and offer incentives to teachers willing to work in “difficult areas.”

Hollande has pledged to make education a priority for his Socialist government, which was elected in May.

According to Radio France International, there are currently around 850,000 school teachers in France and the government has promised to create another 60,000 teaching positions in the coming years.

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