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Kremlin-friendly TV channel claims Russian opposition working with disgraced banker

A Kremlin-friendly TV channel has claimed that Russian opposition leaders are working with a disgraced banker to overthrow the government.

"Anatomy of a Protest 2," a documentary on NTV that aired Friday, showed alleged hidden camera footage suggesting Left Front leader Sergey Udaltsov met with a representative of former Bank of Moscow owner Andrei Borodin to discuss raising $200 million for protests against President Vladimir Putin.

Udaltsov, a die-hard communist, described the documentary as "filth and lies" on his Twitter account.

Borodin fled to London last year to avoid embezzlement charges stemming from Bank of Moscow's $14 billion bailout after state-run VTB's takeover.

The first "Anatomy of a Protest" documentary claimed in March that opposition activists were enticed to protest by money and cookies supplied by the U.S.

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