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Woman killed after appearing on reality TV show in Peru

A man in Peru reportedly confessed to killing his ex-girlfriend shortly after she appeared as a contestant on a controversial reality TV show.

Bryan Romero Leiva allegedly poisoned and strangled Ruth Thalia Sayas, 19, after she admitted on-air that she worked in a nightclub and had accepted money for sex on two occasions.

Sayas appeared on Peru's "El valor de la verdad," or "The Value of Truth," a reality show in which contestants must answer personal questions in front of their loved ones. Contestants must pass a polygraph test before the show to verify their answers.

Leiva and Sayas' parents watched from a nearby couch as Sayas answered intimate questions about herself on the show.

Authorities reportedly say Leiva felt entitled to the 15,000 soles ($5,700) Sayas won from the show.

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The show's host Beto Ortiz defended the quiz show, saying Sayas' death was not caused by her appearance on the show.

"What they are doing is giving an alibi to the defenders of a soulless criminal, because they are taking away his responsibility by saying that television creates monsters," Ortiz reportedly said.

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