Corporate America Seeks Veteran Help

The Association of Latino Professionals in Finance and Accounting has created a new initiative to get veterans jobs with some of the top corporations


Using the skills gained from serving in the military could potentially lead to a successful career in corporate America for veterans.

The Association of Latino Professionals in Finance and Accounting would like to make it a reality.

"People don't realize that the military really trains you to be leaders," said Manny Espinoza, CEO of the Association of Latino Professionals in Finance and Accounting, more commonly known as ALPFA. "They have a lot of different types of leadership skills and they bring them to the table."

During their annual convention and job fair in Las Vegas this week, ALPFA put together an exclusive panel of military veterans to discuss ways for veterans to transition into the corporate sector based on their skill sets.

"Things like operational and leadership experience, managing large teams of people, project management and task management, any employer would want those types of skills," said Lisa Rosser, an Army veteran who spoke on the panel.

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Corporate officials at the job fair agree.

Prudential spokesperson and veteran Pat Brzozowski said "we need people that can get up every day and get dressed in the proper attire and come to work on time…those things are taught in the military."

Ernst and Young recruiter Ken Boyer added that "(veterans have) many great skill sets, obviously, they are just born leaders."

Steve Norris is a Marine veteran who attended the panel and will be graduating from college next year. After hearing what the panel had to say, he plans on integrating his military experience into future job interviews with accounting firms.

"I think your military experience is a wealth of stories that you can tell," said Norris. "Tell a story because being in the military, whether you're Army, Navy, Marine Core, Air Force…we all have stories and being in the military, we love sharing stories."

The ALPFA convention comes to a close this week in Las Vegas, with next year's gathering taking place in Washington D.C.

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