Rich teens' tweets are security threat for billionaires

Social networking sites are giving rich kids' parents another thing to worry about.

Bloomberg Businessweek reported billionaire Michael Dell reportedly deactivated his daughter Alexa’s Twitter account because she was "essentially broadcasting her family’s movements through social media."

According to the Bloomberg publication, the 17-year-old was undoing much of the security work he spends a record $2.7 million on a year:

Alexa happily detailed her every move, including the exact days she would arrive in, say, New York, and where she was shopping. She also put up such things as her high school graduation dinner invitation that foretold where (time, date, location) Michael Dell and his wife would be in a couple of weeks’ time."

As TIME points out, Alexa also didn't win any points when she posted a picture of her brother Zachary enjoying a lavish fruit spread aboard Dell's private jet on the blog Rich Kids of Instagram - #RKOI.


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McAfee online security expert Robert Siciliano told Forbes social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are essentially a "disaster" for high profile individuals, especially teenagers.

“Kids today don’t understand the repercussions of posting their whereabouts,” he said.

Siciliano said Paris Hilton was burglarized a few years ago after posting her movements on Twitter. The thieves were monitoring her posts and knew when she was going to be away.