Rainstorm adds to misery in east Congo rebellion

Drenching rain punctuated by frightening bursts of thunder and forked lightning add to the misery of some of the 280,000 refugees from Congo's eastern rebellion, whose plight is highlighted by a visit from the U.N. humanitarian chief.

A planned U.N. food distribution could be delayed by Wednesday's tropical thunderstorm.

The U.N.'s Baroness Valerie Amos, on the third day of a Congo trip, says relief efforts are hampered by a lack of funding. She appeals for contributions. The U.N. says aid organizations need $791 million and so far have received only $341 million.

In the storm, makeshift huts of twigs and leaves became swamps at an impromptu camp outside Goma, the provincial capital. Mutinous soldiers started the rebellion in April and have taken control of large swathes of eastern Congo.