California Man Awarded $450,000 After Claiming Cop Had Affair with his Wife

A Latino man who sued his wife’s alleged lover was awarded about half a million dollars from a California jury.

Alberto Gutierrez claims a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s detective who was having an affair with his wife began investigating him and then covered up evidence that implicated his wife.  

Gutierrez claimed Solano had an affair with his wife at the same time that he was investigating Solano for allegedly threatening the woman during a bitter custody battle.

Gutierrez sued the detective, Phillip Solano, and another officer for violating his civil rights, according to the Los Angeles Times. He said he was twice taken into custody for allegedly violating a restraining order. His charges were either dropped or he was acquitted.

Jurors awarded Gutierrez with more than $450,000.

The Sheriff’s department said Internal Affairs is investigating the matter. The county, which would most likely foot the bill, said it would appeal the decision.

During the trial, Gutierrez’s attorney showed Facebook exchanges that he said proved the two were having an affair. The two have denied that their relationship is romantic.

According to the Times, one of the Facebook exchanges read:

“How are you precious? I miss you a lot.”

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