Middle East

Kuwait lawsuit seeks pressure for Gitmo detainees

A Kuwaiti lawyer has filed a lawsuit against the country's prime minister and other government officials to pressure for the release of two Kuwaitis held in Guantanamo for more than a decade.

Adel Abdulhadi said Tuesday the suit seeks to speed talks with U.S. officials on the possible release of Faiz al-Kandari and Fawzi al-Odah. But he also is urging courts to punish government officials over the long detention.

Al-Kandari was charged in 2008 with war crimes for allegedly aiding Usama bin Laden in Afghanistan. Charges have been dropped.

Al-Odah filed a lawsuit for his release in 2002, but the case was snagged in legal disputes. He claims he was a teacher in Afghanistan.

The official Kuwait News Agency says talks with the U.S. for their release are under way.