Family of slain Chinese student moved by support

The family of a Chinese student who was killed and dismembered in Canada said they are deeply troubled by his death but have been moved by the outpouring of sympathy and charity.

Jun Lin's family arrived in Montreal last week. The family said in a statement made public late Monday that Lin was "the pride for our whole family clan."

"This appalling catastrophe has dealt a disastrous blow to our family," the family said in its statement released by the Chinese consulate in Montreal.

"But it inspired outpourings of sympathy and charity in people, bringing together kind-hearted people in society, and deeply moving and gratifying us in a time of deep sorrow."

The gruesome death of Lin, whose body parts first turned up in parcels mailed to two of Canada's main political parties in Ottawa, launched an international manhunt for his lover, porn actor Luka Rocco Magnotta.

Investigators suspect Magnotta, 29, of killing Lin and posting a video online showing him having sex with the dismembered corpse. Police also say the video shows him eating parts of the victim's body. Magnotta was caught reading stories about himself at an Internet cafe in Berlin last week and is facing extradition from Germany.

Lin's family visited with police and officials from Concordia University in Montreal , which later announced the creation of a fund to support the family's trip and create an award in Jun Lin's name. Lin, 33, was enrolled as an undergraduate in the school's department of engineering and computer science.

"Lin Jun was a Buddhist believer. He made a point of doing benevolent deeds and achieving moral excellence. He was an extremely nice child with filial respect to his parents. It feels as though his care for his parents and sister is still with us even today," the family said.

Lin's torso was found two weeks ago in a suitcase at a garbage dump in Montreal, outside the apartment building where he is thought to have been killed. Police said a foot and hand were also mailed to two Vancouver schools. His head is still missing.

His family is calling for the suspect to be extradited back to Canada as soon as possible so that justice can be done and bring consolation to the family and the Chinese community.

In the meantime, they asked that Lin be remembered for his "kindness, hard work, and passion for life."


AP researcher Zhao Liang in Beijing contributed to this report.