'Last Family on Earth' will award bunker to winning family

Depending on which calendar you believe, 2012 is supposed to be the End of the World.

With all the rumors of a zombie apocalypse and stories of cannibals, it's getting easier to believe the paranoia.

Spike TV has decided to air a reality show for all the believers. Called "Last Family on Earth," the show would award the winning survivalist family with a bunker, according to the Associated Press.

The network said on Tuesday that the six-episode series would focus on survivalists "competing to show how tough and resourceful they are," said the AP.

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The Hollywood Reporter said the families who will take part in the show are among 15 percent of the world's population that believes the end of the world is nigh.

The competition will test the participants' endurance, physical skills, leadership and integrity, said The Hollywood Reporter.

It will play out different scenarios including a pandemic, nuclear war, solar flares, asteroids, lethal climate change, government collapse, earthquakes and more, said Deadline.

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Sharon Levy, the executive vice president of original programming at Spike, said the show won't be played for laughs. "We think it's a very interesting segment of the population that is very prepared, is highly intelligent. These are regular people. These are not people that you may think are living in a shelter in the middle of the woods. These could be your friends," she said, according to the AP.

The winning family will be able to enter the bunker before the predicted end of the world on December 21, 2012, said The Hollywood Reporter.